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Our Veterinary Care

Do you ever ask yourself, "What is the Best in Veterinary Care?"

Our clients know the answer!  It’s the perfect combination of a caring health team utilizing cutting-edge technology and a commitment to educating the community and ourselves to maximize the health of every pet that walks through our doors.

At A.P.A.W. we believe in Compassion, Innovation, and Education.

Our team continually strives to provide a family oriented, caring atmosphere. You and your pet receive individualized care and treatment from a team of individuals committed to treat every pet as they would treat their own.

We use advanced technology, follow state-of-the-art diagnostic protocols, and strive to reach accurate diagnoses for our patients. Our Veterinarians are trained in advanced surgical techniques and are equipped to perform many complicated surgeries. In addition, our hospital is equipped to perform thorough dental cleaning, oral surgery, radiology, and has a complete in-house laboratory to aide in quick and thorough diagnosis of your pet’s medical condition. Also, our hospital utilizes advanced diagnostic tools such as ultrasonography, tonometry, and endoscopy often only available in specialty veterinary practices. If it becomes necessary to hospitalize your pet, we offer overnight care and boarding for peace of mind.

A.P.A.W. has a sincere commitment to educating pet owners and our team in all areas that enhance the human-animal bond.  Our health care team participates in all levels of veterinary training from in-house seminars to national meetings.  We offer tours for small groups and educational seminars to schools and local pet care organizations.  We also encourage community engagement – volunteer opportunities, neighborhood events, and pet expos. In addition, articles written by our doctors can be found in many local newspapers and A.P.A.W. veterinarians have been featured on Fox at 5 and NBC 4 News regarding pet related matters.